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2024 Angler of the Year Rules

1.) All entries (fish/scallop) must be taken while freediving without any assistance from another diver. Assistance is defined as: Finding, marking the hole, luring, chumming or directing another diver to a fish or scallop. No other diver can load the gun, make a back-up shot, touch spear or iron or assist in the landing of fish or scallop. You may alert another diver to the possible presence of a fish in a general area, but not a specific area such as; next to my gun, at the end of my float line, right underneath me, in a hole under that big rock, etc.

2.) Chumming is not permitted.

3.) Diving can be from shore or from kayak or dive board. No motorized vessels or mothershipping or SCUBA.

4.) Photographic evidence of fish/scallops (total length) against a measuring device must be provided. All entries must be rounded down to the nearest quarter inch. Pictures are required to show the MOUTH CLOSED of the fish on a Hawg Trough or similar measuring board. You are not allowed to stretch or pull the lips to gain extra length. This is in accordance with DFW measuring standards. Multiple pics can be submitted to show mouth closed and touching end of trough. If need be due to rigor mortis making squeezing the mouth shut necessary, you may close the mouth of the fish using one finger in the eye socket and/or one finger on the lower jaw (do NOT place a finger on/in the upper lip of the fish or your entry will be disqualified). Refer to pinned post in the DOTY forum for examples of good and bad ways to close a mouth. Any entries not in compliance will be subject to DQ of entry at discretion of DOTY committee. Pictures of fish need to be taken BEFORE scaling/gutting etc. for both ID and accuracy of measurement purposes. Only pictures that show the ENTIRE fish will be used in judging submissions, so the measurement lines must be visible in the entire fish photo. Missing portions of the head or tail in the photograph may result in a disqualification of the submission. “Tail only” shots may be used to clarify full length pictures, but will not be used as the sole factor in determining length. Committee recommends competitors take pictures of fish from “straight up”, as this assists committee in determining the accurate length of the fish.

5.) Scallops can be measured with calipers or a hawgtrough and knife (see pics for examples). Both shells must be visible in at least one picture if not still joined together. Rocks, old shells etc not included in measurement. Measurements will be rounded down to the nearest quarter inch. For example: 6.9" scallop --> entered as 6.75" 7" scallop --> entered as 7" 7.1" scallop --> entered as 7" 7.2" scallop --> entered as 7" 7.3" scallop --> entered as 7.25" 7.4" scallop --> entered as 7.25" 7.5" scallop --> entered as 7.5" & so forth Keep your PB shell. In event of tie at end of year, shells will be calipered as a tie-breaker.

6.) The pool is open to anyone, and runs from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023. Fish and scallops taken prior to payment of entry fees are ineligible. Prospective participants are STRONGLY encouraged to join NCKA and share their stories, although it is not required. Additionally, Please Direct message Picture to @nckadoty on instagram, so we can feature some of your best fish and get everyone stoked on what's for dinner.

7.) Payment of DOTY fees makes the participant eligible to participate in AOTY and vice versa.

8.) All fish and scallops entered must be taken south of the California/Oregon border and north and west of Whalers Island at the Point San Luis.

9.) The pool covers the following categories: Lingcod, Cabezon, Greenling, Blue Rockfish, Black RockFish, Gopher Rockfish/Black&Yellow Rockfish/China RockFish, Kelp Rockfish, Grass RockFish, Copper RockFish, Vermillion RockFish, Olive RockFish, MonkeyFace Prickleback, Halibut (California and Pacific), Perch (all kinds), Sheepshead, White SeaBass, Rock Scallops, Striped Bass (Ocean or Freshwater).

10.) Each diver is only allowed ONE freshwater Striped Bass entry. Please be aware this is a touchy subject for a lot of people. Be respectful and stay within the law. Freshwater Striped Bass diving comes with its own hazards, including possible assault from cranky fisherman who don't want you there. It's recommended you avoid shooting big landlocked hens, but as long as you stay within the law all fish count. If a freshwater Striped Bass is entered list “freshwater” in the comment section.

11.) The biggest fish and scallop from each diver's top 14 species will be used towards the diver’s total points.

12.) Entries must be posted within 1 week of being taken and photographed. No "hoarding" of entries.

13.) ALL DFW rules must be followed 100%. Period. Any breaking of any DFW rules will result in the entry being disqualified, and flogging in public.

14.) If you don't like the rules and don't want to play, don't! Diving is fun, and this is meant to be fun between friends as well. We all have bigger and better things to argue/stress/worry about.

15.) AOTY is DIFFERENT than DOTY. Hook and line fishing is DIFFERENT than freediving/spearfishing. The rules for both contests are DIFFERENT. Discussion of rules is encouraged, and will be considered and evaluated for use in future year DOTYs.

16.) DOTY committee members have final say over any and all issues/arguments/controversies.

17.) 2022 NCKA-DOTY Manager: Jacob Sanchez (Black_fin)

Scoring Scale
Vermillion thumb thumb Vermilion RockFish 9.0 pts/in
Cabezon thumb thumb Cabezon 8.0 pts/in
Greenling thumb thumb Greenling 11.0 pts/in
Lingcod thumb thumb Lingcod 5.25 pts/in
Surfperch thumb thumb Perch 10.5 pts/in
Halibut thumb thumb Halibut 5.0 pts/in
White seabass thumb thumb White Seabass 4.5 pts/in
Monkeyface thumb Monkeyface Prickleback 6.75 pts/in
Sheephead thumb California Sheephead 6.5 pts/in
Mspc052 thumb Olive Rockfish 9.0 pts/in
Grassrf thumb Grass Rockfish 10.0 pts/in
Kelprockfish thumb Kelp Rockfish 12.5 pts/in
Bluerockfish thumb Blue Rockfish 11.5 pts/in
Blackrockfish thumb Black Rockfish 9.5 pts/in
Copper rockfish fishid2 thumb Copper Rockfish 10.0 pts/in
China thumb Gopher Rockfish/Black&Yellow Rockfish/China Rockfish 14.0 pts/in
Striped bass medium thumb Striped Bass 5.0 pts/in
Rockscallop thumb Rock Scallop 24.5 pts/in

Entry Fee - $40

Entry Fee - $40

Registration fees ($40 per player) will go towards PIF 2020, after prize plaques for winner and "big fish" are purchased for both AOTY and DOTY. PIF (Pay It Forward) is organized by the A-Hulls and has raised and donated over $80,000 since 2010 to NCKA members battling Cancer, serious illness or other tragedy. The A-Hulls will decide (with input from the NCKA community) who the PIF recipient(s) will be.

There will be Piscean Plaques for the first place winners of both AOTY and DOTY. The "big fish" in each category of AOTY and DOTY will receive an award. There will be prizes donated by sponsors (TBD) for at least the top three in both AOTY and DOTY.

Each participant in AOTY/DOTY will automatically receive one entry into a raffle once they pay the $40 entry fee. Participants can receive up to 20 additional raffle entries for each species submitted and approved in both AOTY and DOTY. 21 entries into the raffle will be the max that any player can have. The goal of the raffle is to encourage participation and friendly competition amongst those anglers and divers that may not be able to invest the amount of time needed to finish in the top three. Raffle Prize TBD.

Junior DOTY is limited to members under the age of 18 on January 1, 2020. Entrance is free. Prizes are TBD but will be awarded to at least the top three.