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Listing 20 most recently validated catches

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Angler Length Date Caught Image(s) Notes Actions
Kelp_Creeper Lingcod thumb thumbLingcod March 01, 2021 D7389903 0798 4ebf 868e 2a0376c662d4 thumb 547d3683 e7dd 4234 90bc 7f60c2b830c0 thumb  Diving with Matt and Johnny (After much consideration a 1” penalty is given per vote of the board for violating rule #4 -the judges) Show
Kelp_Creeper Kelprockfish thumbKelp Rockfish February 27, 2021 0943ed98 7416 442c 8939 9901d78eddec thumb 779523eb e9d0 46b7 9fe2 fc85194ad9b8 thumb A6c0765f 0de0 430a aff1 37856182fb43 thumb Diving with Reed Show
Bigislandborn Monkeyface thumbMonkeyface Prickleback February 20, 2021 B8cd317e 8ec7 4cf8 96cf 25951e98a2b2 thumb 407b5080 e6ee 4080 81dd b6535ccf519b thumb F1c7bb5e 7aa0 4da8 b968 6f9b17afc054 thumb Show
Bigislandborn Grassrf thumbGrass Rockfish February 20, 2021 Bb11c272 ddde 40d8 955b f2808b57332f thumb 3fca0626 4b52 442e 8e63 a7bfc0f525bd thumb 28ee7202 7f2b 4ce2 ad48 89041c9ca815 thumb Show
McLovin Grassrf thumbGrass Rockfish February 18, 2021 B9571c2a ffbf 4414 a388 c9f0f4fb0a40 thumb 2a40db4b 6d5b 4a71 81d2 36cc6cc02839 thumb 5f6888f4 92f5 4b03 ae34 2467956bc0ca thumb Show
McLovin Kelprockfish thumbKelp Rockfish February 18, 2021 F73f1acd cffd 4d1f 8660 3c4892dea2f7 thumb B75fe24f cde6 4e6e 83c9 a7cd725b8f86 thumb 975d24e3 47b0 45d0 ab2c e04c9ef1f422 thumb Show
McLovin Surfperch thumb thumbPerch February 18, 2021 008835ab 84a1 4f4f 8a38 19fa831c08b5 thumb F60b772e 25a6 4a0f 9be7 d4fda081bb68 thumb 38252e0d 7ea3 480c b7cc a55c437a4706 thumb Show
McLovin China thumbGopher Rockfish/Black&Yellow Rockfish/China Rockfish February 18, 2021 Becd0b51 bb0f 4989 8d98 1acd47cdb4b0 thumb C4ca3b4f 1009 4931 aad0 04e3a1039dfe thumb F9bf67e2 6ba3 41bf bed6 e6248596d3f6 thumb Show
McLovin Cabezon thumb thumbCabezon February 18, 2021 7486b678 629b 4c35 ad62 c5a5859b80e5 thumb 8b5e0b7c a699 42ba a14a 2c8cf2116937 thumb 86ea370e 60ea 4ef9 bd6f 508a68fb6887 thumb Show
McLovin Lingcod thumb thumbLingcod February 18, 2021 F39eb08d 1888 48da adc5 dc1885111bf8 thumb 07bb4082 5b3b 4f4b 87e2 81a5d15f2f86 thumb 600fb816 0011 4eab 89bb 3295bd37d45b thumb Show
mtitch12 Lingcod thumb thumbLingcod February 14, 2021 16d3224f fce1 41b8 b3a9 46055d509df0 thumb   Show
mtitch12 Surfperch thumb thumbPerch February 14, 2021 0f20ad94 bba0 420f 8be4 6eb6e08858a6 thumb   Show
mtitch12 Cabezon thumb thumbCabezon February 14, 2021 931ca877 84cb 45e9 b113 1062df9b5810 thumb   Show
zpearo Rockscallop thumbRock Scallop February 06, 2021 Screenshot 20210211 190712 thumb   My fish ruler doesn't have markings until 10" so I used a tape measure pushed against the wall. It almost made 7" but I couldn't be sure with this method, so I'll check it again when I've got calipers. Show
Kelp_Creeper Cabezon thumb thumbCabezon February 10, 2021 Bec9712f a377 4cb7 8b58 de9f440713af thumb E9d3f30c e669 4b8a 8f71 4b30ef590d0f thumb 571dac06 d1bc 4cda 92a0 c6e001cd6647 thumb Diving with Giray and Mike Phillips Show
Xander mehl Cabezon thumb thumbCabezon February 10, 2021 F3cbab6c cac1 4c6c 812e 861e1f24d616 thumb 777acc8e 6432 48f0 a22c c333d6952d5c thumb  Show
zpearo Bluerockfish thumbBlue Rockfish February 06, 2021 Screenshot 20210210 075741 thumb   Show
Sebbybass China thumbGopher Rockfish/Black&Yellow Rockfish/China Rockfish February 06, 2021 5721476c fe8d 4e63 bb81 8b280086c2d3 thumb 776c7534 0cf8 4228 8cf1 0bcf933e2097 thumb  Show
Bigislandborn Lingcod thumb thumbLingcod February 06, 2021 78af8ffc 1c1b 4e7f ae1e 9137e4aede84 thumb D0b8deed db8f 4aa6 a7ee f9c56d59fc3b thumb 86c03233 7487 418d 8af1 2d4e83b456a5 thumb Show
Kelp Sheephead thumbCalifornia Sheephead February 06, 2021 Img 5519 2  thumb   Superbowl Ceviche Fish Show