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Data Charts for Black_fin


Listing All Accepted Entries for Black_fin (most recent on top)

Species Length Date Caught Image(s) Notes Actions
Grassrf thumbGrass Rockfish 19.0
(190.0 pts)
July 18, 2020 16a9375a fae8 41a7 a0d1 d0dec294d8ea thumb Cdceb4da 7e83 4af8 bb89 4d2064acdae5 thumb 56ea03dc 96af 4d5f 9225 1e64451dffa4 thumb Show
Blackrockfish thumbBlack Rockfish 20.25
(192.375 pts)
June 26, 2020 Dbec3ab9 1bc4 4666 ac07 7f075bedfb5b thumb 7f9b9e9b d96f 46da 86e7 10381d8bc267 thumb 09737509 1c25 4651 9cc8 6096d718a60c thumb Show
Cabezon thumb thumbCabezon 23.75
(190.0 pts)
June 26, 2020 67fd1c2a 7839 4441 b602 6cd2d866cdf1 thumb 21290fe4 b887 4ee6 bc2b f32770ea8772 thumb Cd490162 674a 4544 ad66 6a6e3f3e7dc3 thumb Show
Lingcod thumb thumbLingcod 34.0
(170.0 pts)
June 19, 2020 Dc3144dc 1c9e 4019 90df cd168e39691b thumb 7176df89 9d89 4135 9183 eedf420f8037 thumb  One hell of a day Show
Striped bass medium thumbStriped Bass 21.0
(105.0 pts)
June 14, 2020 8fc3c1ee d775 4f7e b08a 20b065d27043 thumb 4f1bb278 a953 4b6a 8ac7 377cd5f25788 thumb 7b0a56f6 709b 4069 be46 62d0f7f2993a thumb This was a fun one. "Well done, Jacob! Congratulations!!!" - Eric Show
Lingcod thumb thumbLingcod 32.25
(161.25 pts)
June 12, 2020 2dafdf7e 24bd 4182 9327 83f096661839 thumb 0b87169a 8866 482a bb11 bd4e2d9392b7 thumb F6dac2bd d022 4947 8761 f0f6d45d25fb thumb Show
Lingcod thumb thumbLingcod 29.75
(148.75 pts)
May 28, 2020 10030e4f 83d9 4388 ad2a 098224ebf228 thumb 2d6572b0 63f0 47f9 a315 625e20a1715c thumb C2e9a1f0 6a15 4d34 b1c4 7fe8494f9de0 thumb Eh Show
Copper rockfish fishid2 thumbCopper Rockfish 13.0
(130.0 pts)
May 28, 2020 E3ce63a5 7b12 4709 bfc1 c4ead2c37d53 thumb 92d1096b 6173 4401 a97e 246707455102 thumb D3d260c9 ea82 49a5 8403 81af19da79ba thumb Eh Show
Rockscallop thumbRock Scallop 7.5
(176.25 pts)
May 28, 2020 83c2c634 951e 42ca 9d38 5936b8d4a2c0 thumb 1477da73 e0ed 4b0e 9d0b 641315e05fa5 thumb Af22ade8 87d7 436c 9e74 7e7731bf2ad5 thumb Not eh Show
Copper rockfish fishid2 thumbCopper Rockfish 12.0
(120.0 pts)
May 21, 2020 A49f80e5 91f3 4f2c 81f0 4412b7a3c847 thumb 576c640e d7ab 48ac abe2 3478371208a7 thumb 42c12fe6 71b0 41c1 b6cd 889feefb2394 thumb This might be a Brown "Bolinas" Curious on the feedback. Show
Sheephead thumbCalifornia Sheephead 17.0
(110.5 pts)
April 14, 2020 Dd62760a 2299 44d9 9bb1 2df68fef4c42 thumb 009c1793 12e4 4c29 93c5 0c4152f2fca2 thumb Aeb8c7ce 18e6 4a21 a222 bf89c2ce1b32 thumb Show
Mspc052 thumbOlive Rockfish 16.0
(144.0 pts)
April 14, 2020 B2fb2fea 4fe2 4844 9550 a856aa6239e2 thumb 61c7f822 1d0b 4d39 83de e2376d7edc62 thumb 8c783f4a 4f71 4b5e 9503 1f079062a5f6 thumb Show
Monkeyface thumbMonkeyface Prickleback 27.25
(183.9375 pts)
March 29, 2020 3f409cc6 0a20 4926 899a b69df46b2a9d thumb F57f23a6 e818 4f7f bd69 978a531073c9 thumb 2b32e097 4516 4a8d 917e 2f415064eab2 thumb Today’s target species... getting closer Show
Blackrockfish thumbBlack Rockfish 19.75
(187.625 pts)
March 28, 2020 50952713 83bb 4914 9a1a 7811c918337f thumb 860a5018 67cc 4f51 a9fc e3afe0e3030a thumb 69fd7d6d b25a 49a5 9e95 f1b50eff003c thumb Shaun inspired me to be better. Show
Bluerockfish thumbBlue Rockfish 16.75
(192.625 pts)
March 28, 2020 627aba7d f309 4973 9c5c 1ade0e53f2a0 thumb 89acc1bc 1d5b 4141 a954 5609e6c4cc1d thumb E4f58470 51dc 43fe ad13 f5e0f069caf8 thumb Show
Rockscallop thumbRock Scallop 6.0
(141.0 pts)
March 28, 2020 4ceb94e4 4c3b 41ba 90b9 cd2251fced29 thumb 4798b437 c156 490a ba2b 170b37c26016 thumb 271056ec a735 41d8 b152 7cd4109eafa8 thumb Different from last. Show
Blackrockfish thumbBlack Rockfish 16.5
(156.75 pts)
March 20, 2020 0ad8927a 9788 4586 a67a 1022572bc306 thumb 52dc01ae e4f4 45cf 9ead c24295bf7459 thumb 17a75fca f69f 4590 8903 05ff93354903 thumb Upgrade Show
Cabezon thumb thumbCabezon 20.75
(166.0 pts)
March 20, 2020 Ae4a5bee 57e9 47ab ba98 d719745360ae thumb 3dd9d3be d1aa 47b9 9201 2fc01f7ad68e thumb C94c9a16 68f4 4966 8d9a 987c041b4d0a thumb I almost lost my shaft in this guy. 8 feet back in a hole behind a rock is where he ended up seconds after shooting him. 7 dives to get it free. Pumped on the fish. Show
Vermillion thumb thumbVermilion RockFish 20.0
(180.0 pts)
March 20, 2020 9bb58d01 1213 4380 a19d 16383581189e thumb Bd605eea d21c 42e7 9f62 2a064eae33b1 thumb A0c8a4c9 8cc5 41c1 9514 636e94f6d6bf thumb Fourth drop I got a verm and my last drop I got this slightly bigger one. I was looking for grassys... I’ve never seen that fish before and clearly I don’t know where they live lol Show
Lingcod thumb thumbLingcod 29.25
(146.25 pts)
March 17, 2020 Be9cd00e d2c4 490a 85e0 393fb2329600 thumb 8835d46b 537e 40d4 a349 66a5b9e9a545 thumb 50fe7dfd cbde 491c a824 7a2a5e557180 thumb upgrade Show
Surfperch thumb thumbPerch 16.5
(181.5 pts)
March 17, 2020 C2ee2169 6601 462f 9b1e 4bd69d547936 thumb 640cb20f 0809 4a91 9637 d97c8106449e thumb 6f0d5992 fb4d 458d 9e37 5e2b70c0c93d thumb Upgrade by 0.5 Show
Kelprockfish thumbKelp Rockfish 15.75
(196.875 pts)
March 09, 2020 44e38d24 bed7 4604 9dea 2bc57eb38269 thumb 6cf8c358 67f5 4c54 92ab 8bada384009c thumb 89041be8 98ae 412e a108 97b9f474d9e0 thumb Upgrade Show
China thumbGopher Rockfish/Black&Yellow Rockfish/China Rockfish 13.0
(182.0 pts)
February 22, 2020 3c69fc8d fc2d 49c4 9ba8 d6a9ed147914 thumb 40f6a217 26a2 4b54 823d 3a57fa27fe6a thumb A8f33331 348f 433c 8463 802ffb0b7f28 thumb Black and yellow Show
Greenling thumb thumbGreenling 15.75
(173.25 pts)
February 15, 2020 Img 1086 thumb Img 1087 thumb  Show