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Data Charts for MaxCherf


Listing All Accepted Entries for MaxCherf (most recent on top)

Species Length Date Caught Image(s) Notes Actions
Sheephead thumbCalifornia Sheephead 25.0
(162.5 pts)
December 19, 2021 349c1860 c6bf 452c ab3c aa7e815fd8a2 thumb 11b355bc 4a67 429b 9800 3bb78f04512e thumb  Went out looking for a sheephead, finally spotted one on the last dive of the day! Show
Grassrf thumbGrass Rockfish 16.0
(160.0 pts)
December 04, 2021 823bd5aa 2078 486d a142 7f0ac55b7f74 thumb Ec2e81f7 a835 408c b5ce 3cd1f1126481 thumb D23a177d 88af 4653 a5a4 96b9aa746e19 thumb nucks Show
Surfperch thumb thumbPerch 17.75
(186.375 pts)
November 28, 2021 7edbdec2 c4c0 4871 a7aa 48ce83d6be6e thumb B48626bb 27f1 4681 ae7b 577e35e3d1af thumb 022ea15e 7173 4d63 b109 3f1fd06ab6f9 thumb Show
Kelprockfish thumbKelp Rockfish 14.25
(178.125 pts)
November 28, 2021 C810274b 0f84 4a3e 8a0c 62c2912e5b43 thumb F94b3da4 d50a 432f b55e 530592a94fca thumb 4c03d386 2fe6 485e b4ac 8465cf67e12e thumb Show
Bluerockfish thumbBlue Rockfish 16.25
(186.875 pts)
November 21, 2021 3f268d92 6b6c 4cb7 96b1 ecc64c4bb6b3 thumb 9eb4455b b058 49ec 8208 2f726b72e7a8 thumb F7b9f86b af86 4ca8 bd97 6d56ef137832 thumb Show
Greenling thumb thumbGreenling 16.25
(178.75 pts)
August 21, 2021 Ed7f9629 0b96 4608 89d4 bbd12f3f0cad thumb E6b0a3b8 1882 4d96 b814 77338454d1f9 thumb C32babed be98 4bf8 be31 88378fa81ba3 thumb Show
Rockscallop thumbRock Scallop 7.0
(171.5 pts)
August 07, 2021 2fc1dee4 52be 45ff 9a12 984f4479a7c8 thumb 58875efe f6e9 42bb ba44 5d37d7f29f91 thumb Aa0c74e0 ee0a 47e0 8e84 bfa6032635cd thumb Submitted at 7.18” but run down to the nearest quarter inch Show
Kelprockfish thumbKelp Rockfish 13.75
(171.875 pts)
August 07, 2021 2138d4c9 8298 4285 939c 47301f46fe38 thumb 07ff510e 2c71 4b98 b3f2 0c9235de5e8b thumb 0e5d2f12 7153 434c 8bfa fa31ff386414 thumb Show
China thumbGopher Rockfish/Black&Yellow Rockfish/China Rockfish 14.25
(199.5 pts)
April 03, 2021 C21c8e2a 9b39 40c0 99fa 5be988cd8aac thumb   Nearly didn’t shoot this one! Looked small after hunting reds all day. Show
Lingcod thumb thumbLingcod 33.0
(173.25 pts)
April 03, 2021 Fc46c7c6 9541 45be 9208 397a8d23587d thumb   Show
Vermillion thumb thumbVermilion RockFish 20.75
(186.75 pts)
March 29, 2021 44b45847 17ae 4103 9711 8c71aea2b014 thumb 8f5db5a8 ab39 4b39 9c70 66833564672e thumb 94e8e599 510f 46e9 81a3 b7894b6df004 thumb Show
Mspc052 thumbOlive Rockfish 18.75
(168.75 pts)
March 29, 2021 1510fe47 9ae7 4b0a 9e80 67091343fc82 thumb   Show
Blackrockfish thumbBlack Rockfish 19.25
(182.875 pts)
March 29, 2021 F6fea9ba 7f0a 4c92 a8d9 2f65e0b98be1 thumb A20a99b7 bcd4 4195 84f4 f7734b460749 thumb 1b906ff4 7abf 47db 98fe ed2db703d313 thumb Show
Cabezon thumb thumbCabezon 23.75
(190.0 pts)
March 13, 2021 23.75  cab thumb 23.75  cab mouth thumb 23.75  cab tail thumb Show
Lingcod thumb thumbLingcod 29.0
(152.25 pts)
March 13, 2021 29  ling thumb 29  ling mouth thumb 29  ling tail thumb Show
Monkeyface thumbMonkeyface Prickleback 25.5
(172.125 pts)
March 13, 2021 25.5 in prickleback  thumb   Show