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Data Charts for McLovin


Listing All Accepted Entries for McLovin (most recent on top)

Species Length Date Caught Image(s) Notes Actions
Copper rockfish fishid2 thumbCopper Rockfish 12.25
(122.5 pts)
December 05, 2021 Cfc5ca5e 0b8d 47d7 9c65 f301807d912e thumb E448e712 bd63 46cf a23f c1f46cff1ce0 thumb 1d071924 aae3 4697 8c15 c0f8405d7902 thumb Seagull ate part of the fish, fish was not gutted. Show
Grassrf thumbGrass Rockfish 19.0
(190.0 pts)
November 22, 2021 3112c096 6ee0 40ad 80db d67a2ca2b2ad thumb C3a15776 da3d 4918 9e70 0f62277f7045 thumb Da3d577f f8b3 4992 bd9a 800fd2b05751 thumb Show
Blackrockfish thumbBlack Rockfish 19.5
(185.25 pts)
November 22, 2021 Fdc69079 f372 4465 82fb 6e28fae75d46 thumb Ebd1cf8d 9345 44a3 a86e 75aafc656093 thumb  The tail is short of 19.75, adjusted to 19.5” -the judges Show
Greenling thumb thumbGreenling 14.75
(162.25 pts)
August 15, 2021 6a7b824f 0bde 43d3 8edb 7a96eb2def6a thumb Be0df166 ca27 47ec 98b5 2678582983c9 thumb  Show
Mspc052 thumbOlive Rockfish 16.0
(144.0 pts)
August 15, 2021 41271732 2af1 447d abb8 94ee9894dae7 thumb 550dfab8 7296 4f2e b4ac 3159c771055d thumb  Show
Halibut thumb thumbHalibut 25.25
(126.25 pts)
May 05, 2021 8bbec552 ff0d 4c46 b9e8 cdd18a403ebe thumb 3a17373a 290b 43fd a405 f928fcf88641 thumb A04dd458 931f 4ff9 9948 753ef19a8568 thumb Show
Rockscallop thumbRock Scallop 5.0
(122.5 pts)
April 17, 2021 E414a40e b494 4cfc a239 b248fcf3f301 thumb 045aa80f 02f0 4073 bda6 4a6a8f9c6539 thumb 360c6d8b b49b 406f 9fc1 69c48c1a1ebf thumb Show
Mspc052 thumbOlive Rockfish 14.25
(128.25 pts)
April 02, 2021 Ffcf7f02 ac55 4d61 9a23 191b206ceb92 thumb 548eb6a4 34d6 45f8 b843 0a030ef0f3b7 thumb 53e1398d 52e7 4715 8104 d9b9ac93ba65 thumb Show
Bluerockfish thumbBlue Rockfish 15.0
(172.5 pts)
April 02, 2021 463ee8a3 16c4 440e b4a7 4d833132f453 thumb B0ec707a dad5 453d ad2a 26362d68e478 thumb E1933868 7049 4a57 a69c b4ed52d86e16 thumb Show
Bluerockfish thumbBlue Rockfish 14.0
(161.0 pts)
March 28, 2021 355ced52 85d1 44b6 b601 878c5d16f00d thumb 96fba1fd 5d3b 435c b36d f3b037d7d78b thumb A93c9245 fb50 4393 b803 5860ef178590 thumb Show
Lingcod thumb thumbLingcod 36.25
(190.3125 pts)
March 27, 2021 405becdd 2526 4ab8 b8a4 2196619e5bfb thumb 9624e024 acbc 41a5 84d2 9aa5c595cbd8 thumb 8364b5d3 6fc5 4dbf be6e d238e72473ce thumb Show
Grassrf thumbGrass Rockfish 17.25
(172.5 pts)
March 13, 2021 7c02773a 15ef 46c7 9aaf 058cfe94756b thumb 8f72fa29 8023 4e4e 8bad d4e0f94984fb thumb 620022a0 3ec4 4f0e 8b13 a7f0d09a6813 thumb Adjusted to 17.25” Show
Monkeyface thumbMonkeyface Prickleback 24.25
(163.6875 pts)
March 13, 2021 D57f9cb8 06dc 4ef3 826f 9a8938a50fd2 thumb 49fc285d 6f67 4300 a9d8 995c90bd0fcd thumb 379cc0dc 4b0b 4ff6 9920 dff8d58a3264 thumb Show
Surfperch thumb thumbPerch 15.75
(165.375 pts)
March 13, 2021 E03d546c 6f6c 4619 8368 55031e096b97 thumb 76d0912e e12c 472e 9d9a d99058d6a7b8 thumb C4923d0f deae 4f47 81fb 7697e8227590 thumb A seagull stole its eye lol Show
Lingcod thumb thumbLingcod 26.5
(139.125 pts)
February 18, 2021 F39eb08d 1888 48da adc5 dc1885111bf8 thumb 07bb4082 5b3b 4f4b 87e2 81a5d15f2f86 thumb 600fb816 0011 4eab 89bb 3295bd37d45b thumb Show
Cabezon thumb thumbCabezon 19.0
(152.0 pts)
February 18, 2021 7486b678 629b 4c35 ad62 c5a5859b80e5 thumb 8b5e0b7c a699 42ba a14a 2c8cf2116937 thumb 86ea370e 60ea 4ef9 bd6f 508a68fb6887 thumb Show
China thumbGopher Rockfish/Black&Yellow Rockfish/China Rockfish 12.75
(178.5 pts)
February 18, 2021 Becd0b51 bb0f 4989 8d98 1acd47cdb4b0 thumb C4ca3b4f 1009 4931 aad0 04e3a1039dfe thumb F9bf67e2 6ba3 41bf bed6 e6248596d3f6 thumb Show
Surfperch thumb thumbPerch 13.0
(136.5 pts)
February 18, 2021 008835ab 84a1 4f4f 8a38 19fa831c08b5 thumb F60b772e 25a6 4a0f 9be7 d4fda081bb68 thumb 38252e0d 7ea3 480c b7cc a55c437a4706 thumb Show
Kelprockfish thumbKelp Rockfish 14.5
(181.25 pts)
February 18, 2021 F73f1acd cffd 4d1f 8660 3c4892dea2f7 thumb B75fe24f cde6 4e6e 83c9 a7cd725b8f86 thumb 975d24e3 47b0 45d0 ab2c e04c9ef1f422 thumb Show
Grassrf thumbGrass Rockfish 12.5
(125.0 pts)
February 18, 2021 B9571c2a ffbf 4414 a388 c9f0f4fb0a40 thumb 2a40db4b 6d5b 4a71 81d2 36cc6cc02839 thumb 5f6888f4 92f5 4b03 ae34 2467956bc0ca thumb Show