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Data Charts for Abking


Listing All Accepted Entries for Abking (most recent on top)

Species Length Date Caught Image(s) Notes Actions
Red 20abalone 207 thumbRed Abalone 10.5
(199.5 pts)
April 03, 2014 10 point 719 thumb Hefty thumb Hubcap of the day thumb Huge ab that I buried myself in a coffin hole for. *10.719 rounded down to 10.5 per DOTY rules* Show
Blackrockfish thumbBlack Rockfish 19.5
(185.25 pts)
January 06, 2014 19.5 black thumb   First fish I've speared in quite a while. Lost Coast solo dive in 4-8' viz. Show
Red 20abalone 207 thumbRed Abalone 9.5
(180.5 pts)
November 16, 2013 Dscf1446 thumb Dscf1447 thumb  9.6 Ab rounded down to 9.5 per DOTY Rules. :) Show
Red 20abalone 207 thumbRed Abalone 10.25
(194.75 pts)
November 27, 2012 Science thumb Troughworthy thumb  This ab is just over 10.25 - I'll try to get it on some calipers soon. Show