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Data Charts for scorpaenichthys


Listing All Accepted Entries for scorpaenichthys (most recent on top)

Species Length Date Caught Image(s) Notes Actions
Mspc052 thumbOlive Rockfish 15.0
(135.0 pts)
May 26, 2018 Img 5338 thumb Img 5339 thumb Img 5346 thumb Snuck in a short dive this morning to test out my recently finished home build. Conditions were below average and my usual holes were all empty, but I was stoked to get dinner with a gun I build myself. Not a big one, but it's the new gun's first kill and a new species on the board. Came in just shy of 15.25" and weighed 1.75 lbs on the Boga. Show
Surfperch thumb thumbPerch 15.5
(162.75 pts)
March 29, 2018 7a3de8c5 58e6 405e 8aba e803d505ba19 thumb 5918f852 b8d6 4e59 9da4 0e954c71f5ce thumb  Carmel shoredive. Nothing else seen except for greenlings, small cabs, and a bunch of ~1lb rockfish. Show
Greenling thumb thumbGreenling 16.25
(178.75 pts)
March 11, 2018 D2fd0fe7 c1d1 438e 8baf 6b37db90acaf thumb Ec00a1d3 8b75 46ff 9545 9d32ed84e588 thumb 4b495e4b b3cb 47e1 aed6 c9f5bdac2b48 thumb Pole spear practice. 2lbs on the nose. Show
Monkeyface thumbMonkeyface Prickleback 23.5
(158.625 pts)
March 11, 2018 7cf4b9ed d680 4126 9b12 09fdf6d53e05 thumb C4f66bb9 651c 49c2 be12 b94ae5348125 thumb 385ace5b fd51 4487 92c5 e184fba4a9bb thumb Pole spear practice. 3.25lbs. Show
Grassrf thumbGrass Rockfish 14.25
(142.5 pts)
March 04, 2018 D2dfe4ce 2bf6 45e8 9b91 1ea3326f198a thumb 4ab6f044 cb76 43fb 8d1f 02e58e22acad thumb A58dbd21 e12c 4b2f 85ad e5a94a6e0ad3 thumb Little grassy from Monterey. Not much to speak of at two pounds, but it’s dinner and another species on the board. This one had really pretty coloring I haven’t seen on any other grassy I’ve pulled. Show
Cabezon thumb thumbCabezon 21.5
(172.0 pts)
February 16, 2018 Img 4569 thumb Img 4570 thumb  Taken on a shore dive in Carmel. PB cab at 21.5" and 6 pounds. This one was a two-for-one shot with a black & yellow rockfish, holed up in 25 feet of water. Show
China thumbGopher Rockfish/Black&Yellow Rockfish/China Rockfish 11.75
(164.5 pts)
February 16, 2018 Img 4578 thumb Img 4576 thumb  Clicker at 12", comfortable 11.75". Two-for-one shot with a cabezon, just wanted to get something else on the board. Show
Kelprockfish thumbKelp Rockfish 14.25
(178.125 pts)
February 16, 2018 Img 4579 thumb   Little kelpie to get things started. I think it was a pound and three quarters. Show
Cabezon thumb thumbCabezon 18.75
(150.0 pts)
February 09, 2018 Img 4525 thumb Img 4517 thumb Img 4519 thumb Taken at the end of a shore dive in Monterey in ~8 feet of water. Weighed in at 4.25 lbs. Gut contents included a decorator crab, two anemones, and what looked like a scallop. Show